The Beginning

Hi — For various reasons, I’ve been collecting information on various private golf courses in Rhode Island and Southeast Massachusetts as well as the industry as a whole. I thought others might find some of my analysis useful and hopefully this weblog will generate some discussion and intel for those considering joining (or leaving) one.


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2 Responses to The Beginning

  1. Jeffrey Brier says:

    It would be nice if you would identify yourself as well as any golf clubs to which you belong. Your article on Ledgemont had some good points but way missed the mark on some.

    • Hi Jeff — for those who are truly interested there are enough clues and slips to track me down. My hope (though it is pretty unlikely in practice) is that board members and membership committee chairs will monitor this blog and engage in discussion. Which will make approaching them as a potential new member a different experience than it is today if they all know who I am. I have engaged almost every club discussed as a potential new member and that experience and the decision cycle I have gone through 3 times in the past 5 years is the core of this blog. Each of them (including the ones I joined) did a poor to terrible job recruiting me. Unfortunately the structural challenges of private golf in RI probably can’t be fixed by a top-notch membership committee. But it’d be a refreshing change and I believe a meaningful experiment to see someone try.

      I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts and amplifications about Ledgemont — if you’d like to share them offline you can email me at I certainly don’t claim to have the final word on its transition and sale and am surprised how little it has been discussed.

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