New Prices at Fall River

Fall River has what looks like a good promo going. 3000 for a single membership. 4350 for family. No fees, no minimums.

Now if you study things, this is actually just clever marketing. The old single price was $2940 plus a (high) $70/month minimum. Family was $4310 plus $95/month minimum. So they’re really just waiving the food minimum.

This is a smart move. Food minimums are tough for the infrequent player — even if you get 3 or 4 rounds per month in, you may not hit the minimum due to time of day, etc. And many of these clubs are not the type of dining that young families are looking for on meals unrelated to golf.

When I joined a club, I expected to pay some minimums as part of the cost of doing business. But it’s a poke in the eye on the months it hits.

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6 Responses to New Prices at Fall River

  1. ep golfer says:

    Any time a private club offers a heavily discounted membership to new members and does not offer the same deal to current members its a disservice to its current membership . Think about it , as a long tiome member having supported the club for years, have payed all the dues and assesemnts for prior years and a guy off the street is paying 1/2 the price I am. Not good !!

    • I absolutely agree with you.

      The members a club is looking for aren’t going to STAY because of a one year discount. When I was looking at clubs, I based my decisions on the full price — nothing worse than investing the time meeting people and learning the lay of the land to leave after a year.

      There are some guys (and foursomes) just looking for a great volume discount who’ll bite at cheap offers.

      Clubs need to focus on being price competitive for all the members, not just new ones.

      Though in the case of Fall River, I think this is a minor discount (essentially no food minimums). Other “good” discounts are free lessons, a free foursome, joining midyear, a one or two month trial membership at full price.

  2. ep golfer says:

    good point , but take a look at Crestwood . They have a special deal $2500, no assessments, no minimums etc . This is a big discount off of the every day rate. They are really desperate .

  3. Agree. Looks like a great deal. I heard some scuttlebutt about course condition problems and whether they’ll even be around next year, but just scuttlebutt. Crestwood has really undercut the market — if the course is in good condition its a heck of a deal.

    For heavy golfers, note the Crestwood 2500 deal has mandatory cart.

  4. ep golfer says:

    interesting info on crestwood . time will tell . I dont know much about the course but I heard Segregansett, down the road from crestwood, is in similar difficulty. Course is in good shape but finances are not. laying off staff, salary cuts and the employees have not had a raise in three years. Looking at another assesemnt in 2011 is the rumor .

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